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Colones & Dollars in Costa Rica Tourism

High gas prices in Costa Rica

High gas prices in Costa Rica

Costa Rica still has the most expensive fuel in Central America according to the latest report by the Central American Committee for Cooperation on Hydrocarbons. According to the committee’s August report, a gallon of “Super” gasoline in Costa Rica costs...

Taxi tips for tourists in Costa Rica

Taxi Tips in Costa Rica

1.6 Kilometer = 1 Mile 615.00 Colones Per Kilometer Exchange Rate Costa Rica Colon vs U.S Dollar Dollar $1.00 buys 540.78 Colones 550.08 Colones buys $1.00 For Best Exchange Rate go to a Bank...

Costa Rica packing tips

What to pack for Costa Rica

Heading to Costa Rica for business or pleasure? Here’s a quick list of things to bring with you… Fast drying or similar clothing is the best for Costa Rica’s variable climates Comfortable beach-wear and light tropical...